The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd May at our usual London venue. Lunch at 12:30 and meeting starting at 14:15.

If any members have views on any aspects of the next reunion lunch, your committee would be very pleased to here them. Location? Time of year? Cost? Lunch or dinner? Please contact us via our Twitter account @CapeHorners or the contact page in this website.


2018 Reunion Lunch

This year’s Reunion Lunch was held on Sunday 25th March in the Princess Royal Gallery,
 National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth Dockyard, England


2018 lunch tables



Captain Adrian Small

Captain Adrian Small, our President. He is the only remaining Brit to hold a Master's ticket with square rig endorsement. He probably has experience of more different types of sailing vessels than anyone else still living.


The tickets to the lunch also gave free access to all the major attractions in the
Royal Naval Historical Dockyard.

HMS Victory

HMS Victory - alongside our function room


HMS Vanguard

HMS Vanguard - The last, biggest and fastest battleship built by any nation in the world. De-commissioned on the 7th June 1960. This model was in our function room.
A few weeks before, your Webmaster had lunch on board as a naval cadet. I was going to claim that I would be the only person at the IACH lunch who had also had lunch on HMS Vanguard.
However, my claim was trumped by John Giblett, who was sitting next door to me, who was on Adventure on the second Whitbread race, as he had actually been serving on-board as a Petty Officer when I visited.



HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth



Portsmouth Historic Dockyard



NB: Please note that a copy of the 2017 accounts are available here.




23 April, 2018