Joining Procedure

Applicants should complete and submit their preliminary applications to the Membership Secretary using the Preliminary Application Form. This is a .PDF file. It is read by Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free.

Either print, complete, scan and email to the Membership Secretary or request a postal addess via the contact form on this website.

If an applicant does not know Members to propose and second, they should attach a covering note with more details of the voyage, including such details as possible, to assist in election. Passat apprentices

The Membership Secretary will send the approved applicant a full Application Form which includes a Standing Order Mandate. See Subscription page for further details of payment options.

A long term address is important if the administration is to function. The Membership Secretary must be informed of changes of address. Those on the move, are recommended to use their bank or similar agency as a forwarding agent.

If elected by the Committee, the candidate’s standing order will be forwarded to their Bank, or their cheque sent to our bank, and the applicant will receive:

i) The Membership List and Rules.
ii) The current Journal and, or, Membership Newsletter (if still available)
iii) A Membership Card.
iv) An order form for regalia.

If an application for membership is refused, the preliminary application form will be returned to the Candidate with the Committee’s reasons. Applicants, whose passage does not meet the requirements for Membership of the IACH, will be offered membership as a Friend of the IACH.




For those who
have voyaged
Cape Horn
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