This Members' Area provides the ability to:

* Edit and update your personal contact details so we know where to send your Journal and how you would like us to contact you 
* Add or change an email address 
* Select your own password 

In due course, we plan to provide facilities for online regalia sales, subscription management and event registration.

All personal records are encrypted and we retain no financial information. 



yacht hatch


Your user name is the email address we hold on record for you. 

When logging in for the first time, follow the Lost Password Recovery link (at the bottom right of the screen) to set a password.

Follow the procedure for Password Recovery and you will then receive an email reply with a link which will require you to set a password of your own choosing.  We have no access to your password.  If subsequently forgotten you will need to reset it again using the same procedure.

For those members for whom we hold no active email address, we shall place a unique reference number on the address label of the envelope containing your next Journal. If you do wish to access our online database, please email the Membership Secretary quoting this unique number so we can record an email contact address for you and set you up with access to the system.