Sections of the former AICH

The original Cape Horners association (AICH) based in St Malo, France ceased to exist in 2003. Its website closed at the same time. However, the town of St Malo has a museum to commemorate the days of the square rigged sailing ships that used to voyage around Cape Horn.

This site of the Chilean chapter conveys the active nature of some of the national sections. In Spanish and English.

Here is the site of the Dutch section of the AICH.

This Finnish site (a rare linguistic challenge) illustrates the breadth of membership of the AICH.

The Cape Horners Association of Australia (63 Hurtle Square, Adelaide, SA 5000) has no known web site.


Save our albatross

As you will be aware, there has been a major reduction in the world's population of albatross. This is of major concern to us as the albatross has always been the emblem of our association because it is a magical part of the southern oceans. Please visit the Save the Albatross site to see how we can all help to save this magificent bird.


Sites which describe Cape Horn

The Wikipedia entry about Cape Horn.

A very evocative description of Cape Horn

Here is an excellent collection of photographs of Cape Horn and its environs from much closer than any member of this Association would have wished to see them.

This article was published in the National Geographic Magazine, in the February 1931 issue and it describes the voyage of a great sail ship from Australia to England by way of Cape Horn. It includes some great contemporary photographs.

A satellite photograph of South America extending to Cape Horn courtesy of NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team.

Cape Horn as viewed by Google Earth maps.

Here is an account written by Captain William Bligh of the rounding of Cape Horn by HMS Beagle.

A shanty on the rounding of Cape Horn

A cruise such as one with this company won't qualify you for membership of the IACH, but would enable you to see why the Horn is so talked about.


Tall Ships that are still sailing

Sail Training International organises and manages the annual series of races for sail training Tall Ships in European waters.

The American Sail Training Association organise an annual series of Tall Ships Challenges, sail training races, rallies, cruises and port festivals in conjunction with host ports in the US and Canada.



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