5 December, 2007


The name of the association will be:

           The International Association of Cape Horners. (IACH)


a) To promote and strengthen the ties of comradeship which bind together the unique body of men and women who enjoy the distinction of having voyaged round Cape Horn under sail.
b) To continue the IACH beyond the passing of commercial square-rigged ships in trade and the ‘Crossing of the Bar’ of those that sailed in them.


                  a) Original Full Members of the former AICH.
                  b) Members  (which will include original Associate Members & Yacht Members).        
                  c) Friends
                  d) Honorary Members
                  e) Honorary Life Members                                                                                                                                                 


‘Original Full members’, are the current FULL Members of the AICH who were required to hold a Masters Certificate of Competency and to have rounded Cape Horn in a commercial sailing ship in trade.

a) Members of the AICH (UK) of all categories, at 1st November 1997, will automatically qualify for membership of IACH, though regrouped into the 1997 categories.
b) Membership of the IACH is open to all those who have rounded Cape Horn under sail, in a recognised event (as approved by the IACH committee) where the use of engines for propulsion is prohibited by the rules.
c) The Horn rounding shall be part of a non-stop passage of at least 3000nm and shall pass through fifty degrees south in both Pacific (or Indian) and Atlantic Oceans.
d) The membership shall be open to other nationalities who have participated in such events.
e) Persons who are not eligible for any class of membership of the IACH, but who have a special interest in the sea and sailing ships, and in the IACH, may, if proposed and seconded by two Members and approved by the Committee, be enrolled as  ‘Friends of Cape Horners’.  Friends may attend meetings of local groups, the annual dinner, International Congresses, and the AGM, but would not have voting rights.  Until further notice the number of ‘Friends’ will be limited to 100.  It is hoped that sons and daughters of Cape Horners who are interested will be included among the ‘Friends’.  It is believed that this creation of a group of ‘friends’ will serve to strengthen and perpetuate the traditions of Cape Horners. (Original 1974 wording of this rule)
f) Crews of other sailing vessels rounding, where the voyage does not comply with rules b) and c) above, may apply for the voyage to be approved.  Each such application shall be vetted by the Committee and approved only by unanimous agreement that the voyage complies with the spirit, if not the detail, of the IACH Rules.
g) Honorary Membership. The Committee may from time to time propose individuals for Honorary Membership. This is an exceptional award for a person of outstanding distinction and/or service and requires the agreement of the full Committee and endorsement at an AGM. Such members have no voting rights.
h) Honorary Life Membership. Awarded only to existing Members. This is an exceptional award for a person of outstanding distinction and/or service and requires the agreement of the full Committee and endorsement at an AGM. Such members hold voting rights.


                  a) The subscription is reviewed annually and is currently (1997) £15 p.a. or £12 if paid by Bankers Order payable on the 1st January each year.
b) If agreed by the full Committee, a Member with long service and of considerable age may have the subscription pegged to the last update.


            Members of ALL categories QUALIFY TO:

a)                  Have their name, address and telephone number; vessel(s) and year of rounding (roundings if more than one) included in the IACH Membership List.
b)              Wear the tie and other regalia of the IACH
c)               Attend re-unions at locations as advertised by special notice or in the Journal.
d)              Receive the IACH Journal - ‘The Cape Horner’, the Membership Newsletter, the Membership List, and a copy of the IACH Rules.
e)               Fly the Burgee of the IACH.


a) If a Member’s subscription becomes in arrears for 12 months a reminder shall be sent.  After 18 months the treasurer shall place the details before the Committee for consideration and upon the Committee’s decision the membership may be terminated. The Member shall be so advised.  If a part subscription continues to be received, the membership will be frozen.
b) A Member may resign by giving notice in writing to the Membership Secretary to that effect. Every notice shall, unless by consent of the Committee, take effect from the date when his/her next annual subscription falls due for payment.
c) The Committee is empowered to ask in writing for a Member to resign, subject to confirmation by the Members at an AGM or special meeting.


a) The IACH will be headed by the President. 
b) The President and Vice Presidents and Officers shall be elected by the Members at the AGM and shall be confirmed in office every three years.
c) The other Officers are defined under Rule 9. Management.


Management to be by a committee of elected officers and members. As follows:

                                    Vice President(s) (number unspecified)
                                    Chairman (who may be the President or a Vice President)
                                    Secretary (*)
                                    Membership Secretary (*)
                                    Treasurer (*)
                                    Journal Editor (*)
                                                      Eight Committee Members (Five must be Members or Original Full members)
                                    Note Seats Marked (*) may be held by Friend Members


a) Officers and Committee Members shall be elected by the Members at an AGM.  All candidates shall be proposed and seconded by supporting Members.
b) Four Committee Members shall retire in rotation of seniority at each AGM.  The Membership shall be given advanced warning so that new members may be nominated.  If there are no other candidates, a retiring Member may be re-elected for a further term of office.  A proposer and seconder are necessary in all cases of a re-elected Committee Member.  Nominations for Committee shall be passed to the Secretary 28 days before the AGM.  At an election the Chairman will have a casting vote if necessary.  A retiring Committee Member may also be co-opted to serve another year.
c) Should a Committee member be absent from two consecutive meetings, without proper cause having been submitted to the secretary in writing, he/she shall be considered to have retired and the Committee may co-opt another Member to fill the vacancy.
d) If it is considered an advantage to the IACH, or to fill a vacancy, any Member may be co-opted to the Committee at a Committee meeting. The co-opted member may offer him/herself for election at the next AGM, or otherwise retire.
e) An Auditor shall be nominated and elected at the AGM.
f) Honorariums may be awarded for Committee positions demanding exceptional time commitment.  They shall be nominated by the Committee and confirmed at an AGM.


a) Ordinary General Meeting (known as the AGM of the IACH.) One shall be held within each calendar year.  Any Member wishing to put forward a resolution for inclusion in the Agenda shall forward such resolution to the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting.
b) Notice of Meetings. A General meeting shall be called at no less than 4 weeks’ notice.  The date and venue shall be published to all Members either in the Journal or by special notice mailed to each Member.
c) Voting. At a General Meeting, Original Full Members and Members shall have one vote.  Friends and Honorary members shall be entitled to attend meetings but shall have no vote.  In the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
d) Quorum. Any ten voting Members of the IACH present at a General Meeting shall constitute a quorum.
e) The Chairman at a General Meeting shall be the President or the Senior Vice President present.  If none of these are present a Committee Member shall initiate a vote of all members present to elect a Chairman for the Meeting.
f) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Committee whenever they consider it necessary.  The Committee is bound to convene an EGM if a request in writing is forwarded to the Secretary, signed by 20 Members eligible to vote.  The request shall give full details of the objects of the meeting.  The Secretary will send a notice of the meeting to all Members, giving 4 weeks notice.  The notice shall include the date, time, place, and objects of the meeting.  No other business shall be conducted at an EGM.
g) Records of all meetings shall be taken by the Secretary (or a nominated Committee member).  The minutes so taken shall be preserved as a historical record of the business of the IACH.


a) The Committee shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept of all income and expenditure and of all dealings with the assets of the IACH.
b) The Committee shall cause to be prepared and laid before the Members at the AGM every year a profit and loss account and a balance sheet, together with the report of the Committee.
c) The Annual accounts of the IACH shall be subject to an Accountants Report prepared by a suitably qualified Accountant, who shall be appointed at the AGM each year.

APPENDIX 1 - Approved qualifying events (as at 05 December 2007)

APPENDIX 2 - Joining Procedure


For those who
have voyaged
Cape Horn
under sail