All subscriptions are payable by the end of January each year.

The subscription for UK based Members and Associates is £12 per annum if paid by Standing Order drawn from a UK bank.  We also accept Paypal subscriptions but levy a small surcharge (currently £0.60 to cover our Paypal costs. The bonus is that this is less than the cost of the stamp necessary to send us a form!). 

The subscription for Overseas Members and Associates is £15 per annum.  This can be paid by Standing Order drawn from a UK bank, by cheque made payable to 'The International Association of Cape Horners' or Paypal subscription.  The additional charge covers the additional cost of postage to overseas addresses.  We also offer a discounted rate of £60 to Overseas Members without a UK bank account who pay in advance for 5 years. Any increases in membership fees during that 5 year period will not be applied until the beginning of the next 5 years. As above, for Paypal subscriptions we levy a small surcharge (currently £0.60) to cover our Paypal costs.  

A Standing Order Mandate form can be downloaded here.  Please complete the form and, once your membership application has been confirmed by the Membership Secretary, send/take it to your bank (or make the necessary arrangements using online banking). New Memberships will remain provisional until receipt of the first subscription payment by IACH. 

Those wishing to subscribe using Paypal are requested to email our Membership Secretary who will send a link to our Paypal subscription page.

If you have any queries about membership subscriptions and how to pay them, do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary.