All subscriptions are payable by the end of January each year.

The subscription is £12 per annum if paid by standing order on a UK bank, or £15 per annum if paid by other means (including cheques). We would prefer all members with a UK sterling bank account to pay by standing order as it is less work for all concerned and cheaper for members.

Here is a standing order form (as a .pdf file), for use by elected members with a UK bank account. This should be posted on completion to the Membership Secretary (not your bank).

Remember that standing orders have to be stopped by the member writing to their bank. They cannot be stopped by the IACH. However, it would help if you copy the letter to the Membership Secretary.

We now offer a discounted rate of £60 to members without a UK bank account who pay in advance for 5 years. Any increases in membership fees during that 5 year period will not be applied until the beginning of the next 5 years. A renewal reminder will be sent towards the end of the 5 years. Payment may be made by two methods.

1. By a sterling bankers draft made out to the IACH and sent to the Membership Secretary. He will acknowledge the banking of the draft.

2. Alternatively you may use PayPal. Anyone wishing to pay by this means should contact the Membership Secretary either direct or via the form-mail on this website.

We are able to accept PayPal payments subject to the following provisos:

a. The minimum subscription period is 5 years (for £60).

b. The amount must be transferred in pounds sterling - £.

c. The transfer should be made as a personal transfer NOT as a purchase of goods.

d. On your main Send Money page, look for a link "Send money abroad". Some national versions of PayPal have this link, others don't. If there is one, you must follow that link. If there is no such link, proceed with the transfer.

e. All costs such as cross border fees (where applicable), currency conversion fees, credit card charges and transfer costs must be paid by the sender. Keep an eye open for the relevant check boxes.

The charges for making the transfer will depend where you instruct PayPal to draw the funds from. For example, a Verified account drawing from your bank account or a credit balance in your PayPal account will have lower charges than a payment from an Unverified account drawing from a credit card.

Do contact the webmaster if you are uncertain about PayPal transactions.

If you have any queries about membership subscriptions and how to pay them, do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary.


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